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Vent-Tech Ltd

Vent-Tech equips companies to minimise the human and business cost of dust, fume and other airborne contaminants at work. Using our expertise as industrial ventilation suppliers, we design and install dust and fume extraction systems; systems that mitigate these costs.

The proper installation of an LEV system will safeguard the health of the employees. It is a very technical area of expertise and the requirements on businesses are highly regulated. Therefore, if you are choosing a company to design and install a system, you need to be sure that they have the required qualifications and experience.

All Vent-Tech’s design, testing and commissioning engineers are BOHS qualified and have considerable experience. Our designs comply with the relevant Heath & Safety recommended practises so you can have the confidence that your employees are being protected from the hazardous substances being extracted, as long as they are installed properly and serviced regularly.

We even have the ability to model the ventilation system’s design on our SolidWorks software. This programme produces a 3D representation of the design and simulates how the ventilation system’s airflow and velocity will work via animation.