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Neil Pickering



Neil Pickering trained as an Occupational Hygienist at Rolls-Royce as part of the corporate team, becoming Company Occupational Hygienist before widening into HS&E roles in an operational business, as Regional HS&E director in North America and then Europe, and latterly being corporate lead on several cross-cutting issues including global training, management systems and HS&E functional competencies at Rolls-Royce.  He left Rolls-Royce in 2016 to join JCB as their new HS&E Director, developing and leading a new HS&E strategy.

Neil is actively involved in BOHS (and precursor organisations), including as Chief Examiner, a member of the FOH Board and latterly as Registrar since 2016.

Over his too many years to want to admit to, Neil has been a member of a corporate Occupational Hygiene service, led the same service and used consultants to deliver a similar service.

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