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Martin Gibson



Dr Gibson has worked for HSE since 1986. Dr Gibson holds the HSE national portfolio position for asbestos and has been involved in much of HSE’s work on asbestos for more than 15 years including:

• Development of the current Approved Code of Practice on Managing and Working with Asbestos

• Development of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (2006 and 2012)

• Production of technical guidance on asbestos including the Licensed Contractors’ Guide” (HSG 247), the Analysts’ Guide (HSG248), and the Survey Guide (HSG 264)

• Production of the new Analyst Guide (in preparation)

• Preparation of numerous Expert Witness statements and reports for HSE enforcement purposes

• Providing training for HSE inspectors and others on various asbestos

• Member of the Asbestos Leadership Group (ALG) and Chairperson of the ALG Technical Working Group.

• Speaking regularly at conferences and seminars on asbestos issues including new regulations and guidance, developments in asbestos, analyst and surveyor issues, managing asbestos.

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