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Steven Verpaele



Steven Verpaele, Master of science in environmental chemistry – Industrial Hygienist. He did a lot of research work on sampling and analysis for dust and elemental compositions in workplace atmospheres. Working for 8 years as head of the environmental section at the University College of Ghent in the laboratory for occupational hygiene and 10 years as principal occupational hygienist for an External Company for Occupational Prevention and Protection. He is also founder and president of the Belgian Centre for Occupational Hygiene, a non-profit organization focused on research and services to industry regarding occupational hygiene. He has more than 9 years experience as an expert in different ISO and CEN workgroups mainly focused on workplace atmosphere. As board member of the Belgian Society for Occupational Hygiene he is responsible for all training programs organised by different parties regarding occupational hygiene and the link to the government as  extraordinary member of the Belgian High Council for Prevention and Protection at Work.

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